2020 Huntington Beach HS Softball Challenge

2020 Huntington Beach HS Softball Challenge

  • Huntington Beach High School
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A message from the Program

We at Huntington Beach HS Softball are conducting our 2020 Huntington Beach HS Softball Challenge to help generate financial support for our program. Our participants spend many long hours preparing to be the best they can be and are very deserving of your support. We appreciate any amount you can give and thank you in advance for your generous support!

Needs of the Huntington Beach HS Softball Program

Your donation will contribute towards expenses to maintain our facility as all maintenance required is the programs responsibility. In addition we want to continue to build an alumni recognition wall for former softball oilers and their college careers. With your help we can continue to advance and improve our softball program!

Huntington Beach HS Softball Activities

This season we will participate in an intensive softball training program including team camp, batting practice, infield practice, wind sprints, speed training and strength & conditioning.

I am excited to see our hard work pay off!

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