2019 Zane Trace Local Schools eSports Challenge

2019 Zane Trace Local Schools eSports Challenge

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Zane Trace Local Schools is pursuing an eSports program for our district. eSports are competitive video games such as Rocket league and Overwatch where two teams showcase their teamwork, strategy, and skill, as they compete against one another to achieve an objective. At the professional level, players compete in sold out stadiums all over the world in front of millions of viewers. More than 150 colleges offer eSports scholarships, such as Ohio State and Shawnee State University. eSports brings an opportunity to Zane Trace like no other we have had in the past, this program will embrace the appeal of video games to help students graduate, help students find their community in school, and will develop natural leadership, competitive and practice habits that translate into many other areas of life. We appreciate any amount you can give and thank you in advance for your generous support!  

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