2018 Rogue CC Women's Soccer Challenge

2018 Rogue CC Women's Soccer Challenge

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Thank you for all the love and support to our program and the athletes. Running a collegiate program has a lot of costs to it beyond just field rentals, referees fees, uniforms, food. We treat our student-athletes well but there are many things that we use this money for that without it we aren't able to be as competetive or run as an attractive program that makes us a great home for players to come to. Your contibutions to go team training gear that helps us survive the wide range of weather we see in a season (smoke, heat, rain). As well as to pay for hotels. Because we are the farthest school south in our region we travel between 2.5-5 hours for games on Wednesdays & Saturdays but with your contributuons we are able to travel the day before and get a good night of sleep, go over game plans in detail, and do team building activities rather than leaving at 6am to play at 12pm. This is a game changer for us and we can't do it with out you! Thanks for being a part of our team! 

Needs of the Rogue Community College Women's Soccer Program

Your donation will contribute towards expenses required for game uniforms, uniforms, practice uniforms, soccer balls, digital video equipment used as a teaching tool, team warm-ups, travel expenses and team travel bags.

With your help we can continue to advance and improve our soccer program!

Rogue Community College Women's Soccer Activities

This season we will participate in an intensive soccer training program including learning offensive concepts, inter-squad games, strength & conditioning, passing drills, olympic lifts, learning defensive concepts, speed training, tournaments, ball control drills and set-pieces.

I am excited to see our hard work pay off!

Rogue Community College Women's Soccer Achievements

  • 2018 - Largest roster ever (21), most returners, dedicated to going to Playoffs!
  • 2017 - Team G.P.A of 3.2, 4th place finish
  • 2016 - Finished 1 Win Away from Qualifying for the Playoffs

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